Puluwan is a free place to practice maths

to empower students, teachers, tutors and parents


funWelcome to Puluwan!

Puluwan is a web application that allows you to practice free maths questions, marks your answers instantaneously and shows you the worked answers for your review. Right now, there are questions for secondary school students, and the application is being beta-tested. Watch this space for our big launch!

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integrityThe idea for Puluwan came to me – Yohan Pathi – whilst being a private one-to-one maths tutor in my free time. As a tutor, I find myself spending a sizeable proportion of each lesson marking homework that I set at the end of the previous lesson, in order to determine whether the student is ready for that week’s lesson plan.

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professionalism-2I – Yohan Pathi – believe that education is a key driver behind positive world change, social equality and economic prosperity. I believe that maths (and indeed all knowledge) belongs to all of us, and that those of us fortunate enough to have had the privilege of a strong education have a duty to promote it to those who have not.

What I know and love is maths, and so that is what I have structured Puluwan around.

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