integrityThe idea for Puluwan came to me – Yohan Pathi – whilst being a private one-to-one maths tutor in my free time. As a tutor, I find myself spending a sizeable proportion of each lesson marking homework that I set at the end of the previous lesson, in order to determine whether the student is ready for that week’s lesson plan.

This always struck me as a less-than-ideal use of the student’s time and money, and so I conceptualised a web application to allow for the creation of simple image-based maths tests, which my students could use to do their homework. The aim would be for the system to do the marking, so I could quickly identify and focus on the problems which the student was struggling with, and my students could instantly see which ones they had got wrong and analyse why, before each lesson.

In addition, I couldn’t find an extensive online resource of free maths questions to work through with my students, so the added benefit of the idea would be to have a central library of maths practice questions accessible to all.

So here we are – I put my ideas down on paper, started building the application in late 2012, and slowly but surely converted my dreams into reality!

Puluwan is not designed to be a teaching tool, or a substitute for a good maths teacher. The study of mathematics is a two-part process – students first need to be taught a new mathematical concept, and then practice it until their proficiency and confidence is sufficient to move onto the next topic.

Puluwan is not then about the teaching of mathematics – it is designed for practicing what has been taught, to improve a student’s skill, confidence and analytical abilities; and enable their teacher to focus on that which is most important – the teaching of new concepts and methods.

Puluwan is also designed to be a helpful revision tool, enabling students to easily practice previously-studied topics and identify weak areas to focus their revision on.