How it works

Maths is rewarding because any given question has one correct answer, and the artistic challenge lies more in how one solves a problem as opposed to simply getting the right answer.

Maths teachers assess a student’s performance by reviewing the method behind their answer, and Puluwan is based around the principle that students need to work through a prescribed list of questions using pen and paper in order to build the necessary skills. This approach then allows teachers and tutors to review the student’s paper-based work, targeting the incorrect answers as reported by Puluwan.

Puluwan presents maths ‘tests’ in three steps:

  1. Maths Questions – students are presented with a list of maths questions, which they work through as they would a paper text-book or worksheet, and then click ‘Next’;
  2. Multiple-choice Options – Puluwan then displays a list of multiple-choice options for each question, one of which is correct, and the other options being worked-answers based on commonly-made errors. The student selects their chosen options based on their paper workings, and submits them;
  3. Worked Answers – Puluwan then marks the student’s chosen options, and presents a results summary, and worked answers for all of the questions.