professionalism-2I – Yohan Pathi – believe that education is a key driver behind positive world change, social equality and economic prosperity. I believe that maths (and indeed all knowledge) belongs to all of us, and that those of us fortunate enough to have had the privilege of a strong education have a duty to promote it to those who have not.

What I know and love is maths, and so that is what I have structured Puluwan around.

Maths is a universal language, and yet I find that mathematics and numeracy often do not have the same status as literacy, despite being equally important in today’s dynamic and uncertain world. Maths often faces a cultural stigma of being a ‘geeky’ subject, and a perception that not everyone is born a ‘maths person’. In my experience, this is not the case – I passionately and sincerely believe that anyone can achieve a high standard of mathematical proficiency up to a secondary level, and most often the barriers to this are imagined or societal.

Puluwan aspires to be a global resource for any student of mathematics, young or old, to practice maths; and a tool that empowers teachers/tutors to improve results, and even earn additional income.

Puluwan’s founding principles are therefore:

  1.  Content quality – Puluwan’s maths content must be clear, engaging and aligned to international educational standards
  2. Empowerment – Puluwan must empower and enable maths teachers, tutors and parents
  3. Maths promotion – Puluwan must lead in promoting mathematics and numeracy globally
  4. Maths innovation – Puluwan must continually seek ways in which to make maths education more meaningful, interesting and fun
  5. Openness – Puluwan’s primary focus must be on open and free maths education
  6. Service quality – Puluwan’s users must receive the best service and product possible
  7. Transparency – Puluwan must be open and honest as an organisation at all times