About the team

So who’s behind it all? I’m Yohan Pathi, and in my day-job I’m a Programme Manager in the UK. I have a colourful career background, having worked from small boutique consultancies to a ‘Big Four’ audit firm, and have qualifications and experience covering maths, accounting, economics, software development, business management, IT infrastructure, project management, programme management and public-sector procurement.

I have had a passion for maths since an early age, and since I started tutoring in 2010, this passion has only grown deeper. I wholeheartedly believe that anyone can be proficient to a secondary school level in maths (yes, even you!), and you can read more about this on the Objectives page.

I didn’t do all of this myself – I’ve had a great deal of help from Dávid Veszelovszki, a talented freelance PHP developer; and Laura Kalbag, a leading web designer. Dávid’s support in converting my dreams into reality has been outstanding, and he continues to guide the project’s technical development. Laura has provided me with expert direction and guidance in the design, accessibility and usability of the application you see today.

I must also thank the family and friends who have given me their invaluable time, feedback and advice – Puluwan would not be here today without them.