The future

Puluwan has the potential to grow into something far greater, and right now we’re just getting started.

The Puluwan web application is currently a proof-of-concept, and contains some very basic question content commissioned simply to demonstrate the end-to-end process. We’re currently working on improving the application’s functionality and usability, and developing maths course content for secondary school students.

Our future plans include:

  • Adding the ability to share one’s results with other users (e.g. teachers/tutors/parents)
  • Adding a dashboard view to summarise other users’ test results, for teachers/tutors/parents
  • Translating the website and maths content into other languages
  • Improving the accessibility of the maths content
  • Publishing test performance statistics by gender, age, nationality, actual primary maths grade, actual secondary maths grade, income group
  • Adding an error analysis protocol, allowing the system to suggest why a student may be struggling with a topic, based on their multiple-choice selections, and suggest a suitable next test
  • Adding flexible free-text answers
  • Detailing which tests apply to which international exam standards
  • Publishing research into performance trends by age, gender, nationality, and income group
  • Adding more complex question formats (e.g. multi-part questions, varying marks per question, etc.)