funWelcome to Puluwan!

Puluwan is a web application that allows you to practice free maths questions, marks your answers instantaneously and shows you the worked answers for your review. Right now, there are questions for secondary school students, and the application is being beta-tested. Watch this space for our big launch!

Puluwan is aimed first-and-foremost at students of maths, to give people all over the world a base of quality maths questions to work through. Puluwan is also built with the aspiration of empowering teachers, tutors and parents, allowing them to focus their time and effort on their students’ weak areas. By automating the marking process and displaying visibility over results, teachers and tutors can spend less time on marking, and more time on tailoring the learning process to each student’s specific needs.

Browsing the website will give you a better idea of what we do – we’ll tell you how to sign up for the Puluwan web application soon!